Best Property Management Services in Palm Coast, Florida


Palm Coast, Florida, is a great place for renters, landlords and homeowners, so you may be considering a move to or an investment in this thriving area. However, we know that life doesn’t always follow a plan — even if you’re looking for property now, you might not be ready to move in for months or even years. Fortunately, whatever your timeline is, you can start looking into Flagler County property management services now.

If you’re ready to buy but not prepared to move just yet, a trusted property management company in Palm Coast will maintain your property while you’re gone so it stays just the way you bought it. You can stay right where you are for as long as you need to and know that your future home or property is secure, thanks to the help of your property manager.

Amaral Property Management is one of the top property management services in Palm Coast, Florida, and we’re proud to have earned the trust of many home and rental property owners throughout Flagler County. We’ve lived in and loved Palm Coast for years, so we know exactly what it means to have a home you love here. We’ll treat your property with the same care we give our own.

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Benefits of Working With the Amaral Team

At Amaral, we want to provide a large spectrum of full-service property management for our clients. We can support your investment property by finding the right tenant, charging a low flat-rate commission, providing cost-effective maintenance, handling bills, deposits and more. Below are just a few of the advantages of using the Amaral team to help you with your investment. Whether it's a short or long-term arrangement, you can rely on our team to keep your best interests in mind when it comes to maintaining your property.

Competitive Fees

To cover our costs, we charge a flat rate of 10% of the monthly rent. This fee covers all expenses for the other property management services we provide.

Property Maintenance

Amaral is a licensed contractor. Because of this, we can assess any maintenance issues that arise and either fix them ourselves or contract the appropriate service provider at no extra cost to you.

Tenant Acqusition

After a tenant moves onto your property, you won’t need to worry about collections. Amaral will collect monthly rent from your tenants and send you a monthly statement and end-of-year 1099 for your convenience.

Collections & Accounting

You don’t need to worry about collections. Your monthly rent will be paid by Amaral. We include a monthly statement and end of year 1099 for your convenience.

Benefits of Property Management in Palm Coast

Palm Coast is a beautiful city to purchase or rent a property in. With the Florida coastline right here and acres of hiking trails and local parks, nature enthusiasts and pet owners are recognizing the advantages of living in a Palm Coast property. Our vibrant communities provide lovely homes for single people and families alike.

Since 2000, the population of Palm Coast has tripled, making now a wise time to invest in property if you plan on renting it out. As more and more people find their home in Palm Coast, getting in on the action and investing in the area could be a smart financial move.

Even if you live in Flagler County now, there are many benefits to choosing a local team to manage your other properties. Letting Amaral take care of your property will allow you to spend more time doing what you love, whether that's gardening on a warm day or visiting the beach with your family. Trusting the experts at Amaral means you can avoid late-night emergency calls from tenants or having to manage contractors — our team can take care of everything.